An iPhone app for the rich kids.


Are you the rich kid? Prove it with the iTell app.

Life just got a whole lot easier for you, you lucky, rich, you! Now you can simply ask your prestigious iTell app anything you want all from the comfort of your non-dominant wrist.

Lets cut to the chase. This app is a novelty, but it is one of the most expensive apps in the App store. It is a status symbol for the wealthy. If you can afford it, the cost is not really relevant. If you cannot, please, do not buy it. If the cost sounds like a lot of money to you, please do not buy it.


Warning: This app my result in extreme jealousy from your friends.

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iTell FAQ

How does iTell app answer your questions?
You ask a question, and then you shake it, you’ve got your answer!
How do you use the iTell app to impress your friends?
You simply HAVE it and they don’t! It’s that easy.
Why is iTell so expensive?
So others will know you can afford and they can't. You wouldn't want your granny showing up with it, would you?
Does iTell ever go in sale?
Can I add my own responses?
The latest version allows customization. Can you find the hidden edit screen?