Have a problem or need some help? Below are some FAQ about our apps that might help. Okay, so we know there are not many FAQ. We hope that is because the app is so simple and easy to use.

Homework for iPhone

How do I use the app?
As of version 1.01 of the app we have added a detailed help section to the app. Click the "Help" item in the bottom navigation bar of the app for instruction on the version you have installed.
Can I make a suggestion to improve the app?
Absolutely. Use our contact form to send in your ideas.

Homework for iPad

I cannot see the "Add Word List" button.
This was a problem with version 1.0 of our app. We had a few issues with the app in landscape orientation. If you turn your iPad into portrait orientation (up and down) then you will see the buttons. We fixed this issue in version 1.01.