App News

Here's what we're up to:

Spelling Version 2.7.

November 2013 - In order to fit the design standards of iOS7, we have redesigned our app to meet the new design standards.

iPad and iPhone merged.

December 2012 - Since the practice of having two apps is seldom used any more, we have merged both apps into a "universal" app.

Name CHanged to "Spelling"

October 2011 - To better reflect the app, e have changed the name of the app to "Spelling".

Homework for iPad 1.01 Released

December 2010 - The primary fix in this minor update is landscape orientation layout issues. We had overlooked a few things in landscape orientation and had to fix a few things.

Homework for iPad Released

November 2010 - Machead releases Homework for iPad. This one took a few days to finish because the graphics are much more involved.

Homework for iPhone Released

November 2010 - Machead releases Homework for iPhone. This took much longer to develop than we had hoped, but has evolved into a really cool and useful app. Check it out. iPad version soon to follow.

iTell Released

January 2010 - Machead launches its first iPhone app called iTell. iTell is similar to the old Magic 8-Ball game we played as kids. In fact, our first few versions of the app had the same look as Magic 8-Ball and it got rejected. So, we used our own killer logo and created our own. Hope you like it.